Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Claim?
Check your insurance policy first. Usually it is one year from the time damage occurred.

How Much Time Do I Have to Get the Work Done on My Property?
Make sure you check your policy first. When your insurance company cuts you a check there should be something in writing telling you the time frame you have to get the necessary repairs done on your home. It is usually one year. In our experience, the longer you wait the harder it is to deal with unresolved issues on your property or insurance claim. Not fixing needed repairs in a timely manner can also allow more damage to your property than you or your insurance company may want. Get the work completed in a timely manner to save yourself some serious headaches.

What happens when you do not repair hail damaged roofing?
Aside from your insurance being able to cancel your policy if you don't fix it, it could also devalue your property and allow water to damage the inside of your business or home.

Do you have to repair your roof if you have hail damage?
If your insurance company has paid you for it, you must get it fixed or risk them dropping your policy. Over time roof leaks can happen because the asphalt is no longer protected by the granules. This can cause rapid expansion and contraction from the air heating up and then cooling down. This is called "alligatoring", and over time it will cause a leak. It's and easy choice, either pay your deductible now and get it fixed, or wait and pay thousands later and also risk interior property damage.

Can I tell if I have roof damage from standing on the ground?
Rarely. Many times it takes getting up on the roof and then a trained eye to spot roofing hail damage. You also will want any pipe boots, valleys, drip edge, skylights, chimney caps, chimney flashing, wall flashing and siding to be looked at by a trained professional.

What If My Adjuster says, "No Damage" ?
Although we pride ourselves in being honest with insurance companies, remember, we are in your corner and will go to bat for you.

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